5 Ways to Make Your House Vastu-Friendly

Everyone wants to come back to the welcoming comfort of a home. And for you to make a house into a home you need to pay attention to details, working on the smallest of things. Vastu comes in quite handy in changing your home’s environment.

Vastu shastra helps you design your home in such way that it draws maximum potential from nature to help channelize positive energy around you. When you’re able to maintain the environmental balance at home, you will also see a difference in your relationships with your family and loved ones. Find 5 quick and easy tips to follow to give your home a new vastu-proof look:

  1. Organize your bedroom

Your bedroom is the place to de-stress yourself and relax. According to vastu shastra the master bedroom should be in the south or south-west direction. The children’s room should either towards the east or west while the guest bedroom should be in the north-west direction. Violet or purple are the colours for trust. Paint your bedroom in these shades to fill in positivity. Television in the bedroom is definitely not recommended.

  1. Sleep Easy

After a long and tiring day, all you want is a good sound sleep, which comes best when you sleep with your head towards the south. Sleeping in any other direction not only brings ill health but can be quite discomforting.

  1. Windows Basics

Windows in the bedroom should be such that the wind blowing is from south to west. Your aim should be to fill the room with positive energy which is from south. Vastu is a way to help yourself live in a positive environment while eliminating all the negative energy coming from you or your surroundings. Another point to keep in mind is to keep plants or water away from the bedroom.

  1. Invest in Kitchen

The perfect location for your kitchen would be the southeast corner. However, if this is not possible then the alterative choice should be the northwest corner of your house. Brooms and mops in the kitchen should be avoided along with mirrors. South west direction is ideal for kitchen as this direction is governed by Fire, one of the five elements of nature.

  1. Spread Love in the Living Room

One of the vital parts of our living rooms today is television. Place the television in the southeast direction and air-conditioners in either west or north walls. Hang a family picture in the living room to spread the joy of bonding. Furniture should be placed in either south or west. Opt for rectangular shape for your drawing room.

Not everyone can re-construct their houses according to vastu. However, there are small but equally important things which can be done to make the house vastu friendly. Remember, it’s usually the small things that go a long way in making a difference.