We make sure that the products that are shipped to your home are free from manufacturing defects and material deformities. We cover 5 years limited warranty for our products.

To keep up with the appearance of the product we suggest you to check our product care page.

  • With the use of wooden furniture over time, deformities can be seen. It is a normal occurrence and we do not cover under warranty. 
  • Damage while cleaning the product or minor cuts or scratches in fabrics are normal conditions and are not considered manufacturers' defects and are not covered under our warranty.
  • Defects caused by improper use, handling or maintenance of the furniture comes under buyers responsibility and we do not cover under warranty.
  • There can be variations in texture or color of the fabric which is uncontrollable therefore we do not cover in our warranty. 
  • In any event if the customer finds a material Imperfection in material or workmanship, customer must report such deformity during the applicable warranty time frame at hello@claymint.com.
  • All Claymint Item warranty are for a limited duration and are restricted to the first buyer with verification of purchase. If the buyer is purchasing the product to gift, please keep us informed if you want to avail warranty in future by writing to us at hello@claymint.com.
  • Our warranty is non-transferable and applies to private (non-business) utilization and is void If the furniture is utilized in what is viewed as a non-family unit setting, or abused, dealt with inappropriately, reupholstered or fixed by any asset other than us or our accomplices.
  • For warranty issues, we will fix or give sensibly proportionate furniture as a substitution of any defective item.
  • Exchanged furniture will be of equivalent price to original furniture purchase price.
  • No cash refund is accessible and for no situation will we be at liable for more than the purchase price of the furnishings.
  • Noticeable imperfections or difference in order detail must be drawn to our attention within seven days of delivery. Issues not introduced within 7 days of delivery will not be considered.