Our love for experimentation, and desire to give unlimited choices to our customers has led us to gain expertise in dealing with a wide range of materials and finishes. Some of the most used materials :


Wood - Mango, Sleeper, Acacia, Sheesham, and Reclaimed woods are regularly used in our products. Our expert craftsmen can provide hundreds of finishes on wood.

Metal - We use both Steel and Iron in our furniture. There are countless finishes in metal, and all metal is powder-coated in our in-house setup.

Stone - Imported marble is used in all our furniture. There are numerous color choices of stones - traditional white marble, solid grey stone, jet black marble and agate stone for an exotic look.

Concrete - Concrete is used to create tabletops and mirror frames. We can customize colors and finishes to enhance the look of the furniture. Some of our best selling furniture is built in concrete which mimics sleeper wood.

Glass/Mirrors - High quality toughened glass is used in all our products. Glasses can be colored as per requirement.

Upholstery - All our upholstered products use the finest imported fabrics.