Tips to Use Color in your Home

Your mood in your own sweet home often depends on the color you choose for the home decoration. But finding just the right paint for the right rooms out of the plethora of shades offered by the modern companies is really a tough job. Following are some tips to help you choose the right tone from the palette for your abode of happiness:

• Colors with their various blends must create some majestic effects with the furniture and accessories of your house. You should always select the paint cautiously as it reflects your taste.

• Light shades fit for small rooms, because they make smaller rooms look spacious. Again, larger and airy rooms look elegant in slight darker shades.

• You must choose a color in the store. But always keep in mind the lighting of your own rooms too. Usually the lighting conditions of your room and the store never match.

• Have a clear idea of the effect of that very shade in your room before applying it.

• The tone your home and that of the furniture must proportionately blend well with show pieces, wall paintings, wall hangings, paintings all around your house.

• Colors are usually more intense on the wall than they appear in the tiny sample paint chip. So always go a shade lighter than the one you find most suitable in the brochure.

• If the architecture of your walls is not in perfect condition, flat paint will help hide the problems. When you are going to choose color, always consider the amount of sunlight entering into your living room.

• Almost in all cases, it is quite amateurish if you paint all your trim in a single bright tint. You may consider flat or satin on the walls, and then use the glossy version of the same tone for the trim.

Just use such common ideas next time you are coloring your sweet home and let your home decoration reach its zenith. Then only will your entire artistic as well as industrious faculty prove to be fruitful.